Meet Our
Youth Leadership Committee

A team of young artists, committed to making an impact on our community.

What is the Youth Leadership Committee?

The Youth Leadership Committee (YLC)’s purpose is to empower young professionals through leadership opportunities and mentorship! The committee is constantly learning the ins and outs of running a non-profit organization with the hopes of growing as individuals.

Each month, the YLC members attend business meetings, leadership workshops, and all AMP community outreach events such as our workshops, open mics, and socials. They also are in charge of all of our marketing and social media, newsletters, and hosting our virtual events!

Meet the Team

Brittany Franke

youth leadership committee coordinator

Brittany was one of the first young people to participate in Arizona Masters of Poetry’s inaugural programs back in 2016, including Hotter Than The Sun: Arizona Youth Poetry Festival. We are honored to welcome Brittany back as a team member on our new Youth Leadership Committee. Brittany Franke is an actor and stage director who dedicates herself to empowering students through arts education. She was born and raised in Arizona, where she worked in a brain cancer research laboratory for most of high school. However, she later got hooked into the performing arts and ultimately chose to pursue acting and directing in Los Angeles at USC and as a career.

Mackenzie Parker

community outreach coordinator

Mackenzie is a poet from Tucson, Arizona. Fresh out of her undergraduate English and Creative Writing program at The University of Arizona, she is ready to inundate the world with her words. In March 2020, Mackenzie was awarded the Hattie Lockett Poetry Prize through University of Arizona’s poetry center.

Caitlin Hooker

speak poet Saturday host
& video editor

Caitlin Hooker is currently a student at the University of Arizona, majoring in Creative Writing (poetry) and Film & Television. They participated in AMP programs for two years in high school. Those experiences were so influential, inspirational, and transformational for them, they now want to give back to other young people and encourage and support them to write and perform their stories and poems.

Sam Hui

content creator

Sam Hui graduated from NAU with a BA in English and certificates in Creative Writing and Literature. Her poetry has been published in magazines such as Maudlin House Magazine and the Tunnels. As a coordinator of Poetry on Roosevelt Row, she has been working on bringing the First Friday favorite back to Arizonans in the safest way possible. She works full time with the non-profit College Bound AZ that get underrepresented youth to college. She is currently social distancing with a pen, paper, and her beautiful baby Finn. Sam got involved with Arizona Masters of Poetry because of a recommendation from Rosemarie Dombrowski, who handed the Poetry on Roosevelt Row mantle over to Sam and her friends, Hunter and Bridgette.

Kenneth McNeil

content creator

Kenneth is not new to the AMP family, but he is new to the Youth Leadership Committee. Kenneth McNeil II is a poet and a creator of many different kinds of art. He was AMP’s first ever representative in the 2019 All-Arizona State Poetry Slam! He also developed a special virtual series – Coping Skills with Kenneth – to help us reduce stress and manage it. He will continue to educate and entertain us as a content creator. Kenneth hopes to one day be able to give creators and other artists a space to find themselves. Kenneth believes that the way that art can be harnessed from and created by anyone is amazing.

Pierre-Philippe Falcone

content creator

Originally from Paradise Valley, Pierre-Philippe is currently an NYU student majoring in Urban Design and Architecture Studies with a minor in Film & Television. He plans to pursue a career in Imagineering as well as the film industry. He has 6 dogs and believes the color yellow is a feeling he associates with all the time. Like many members of our Youth Leadership Committee, Pierre-Philippe was a member of the AMP family in high school as a youth poetry program participant.

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