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Congratulations to all 2019
Hotter Than The Sun™ participants!


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Congratulations to all 2018
Hotter Than The Sun™ participants!

Congratulations to all 2017 Hotter Than The Sun™ participants!

Our guest performers rocked it!

Shining Soul

Through their vintage beat production and empowering rhyme delivery, Shining Soul has made a name for themselves and has carved their own unique lane in the AZ Hip Hop community and beyond with their distinctive blend of socially conscious, yet soulful brand of Hip Hop. Emcee Liaizon, Bronze Candidate and DJ Reflekshin have proven time and again that their music is universally accessible and has the power to start the healing process regarding the social ills we all face through the medium of Hip Hop.

r e l

r e l is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, poet, and artist. A 3-dimensional artist experimenting with form and style, her current project is called Evoca-Pop™, a visual album in 3 parts, telling the story of discovery, self-love, and healing.
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